Dom schwarz - mit Kaffee braunem Leder
Dom schwarz - mit Kaffee braunem Leder
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Stoffschürze aus speziell verarbeitetem Canvasstoff mit zwei Stofftaschen für Ihre Accessories und einem abnehmbaren Lederknopf auf der Brust. Es wird mit abnehmbaren Hosenträgern und Bund aus Leder fest gebunden. Es ist in zwei einzigartigen Stoff-Leder-Variationen erhältlich. Sie können es vollständig an Ihre Geschäftsidentität anpassen, indem Sie Ihr Logo auf eine der drei verfügbaren Arten (Brandmalerei, Lasergravur oder Stickerei) drucken lassen.
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Fabric apron made of specially processed canvas with two fabric pockets for your accessories and a button detachable leather piece on the chest. It ties with detachable leather suspenders and waistband. It comes in 2 unique fabric-leather variations and you can fully customize it to match your business identity, by letting us print your logo using one of the three available ways (pyrography, laser engraving or embroidery).

Size: Available in two dimensions
⬢ Slim: height 68 cm x width 64 cm
⬢ Long: height 88 cm x width 70 cm

Colors of Fabric & Leather:
⬢ Khaki Green & Dirty Ice: Khaki Green, 13oz weight 100% cotton for maximum durability, with high quality full-grain calf leather in Dirty Ice color.
⬢ Black & Matte Black: Black canvas, 13oz weight 100% cotton for maximum durability, with high quality full-grain calf leather in Matte Black color.


⬢ two large fabric pockets for your accessories or mobile phone
⬢ a detachable leather piece on the chest, where the logo might be placed

Tying: Crosswise detachable leather suspenders, leather waistband in the same color as the leather pockets of the apron, whose length can be increased or decreased and adjusted to body type, offering comfort, functionality and at the same time an excellent, elegant result in appearance.

Metallic Elements: The rings, grommets, rivets and hooks are made of high quality durable materials mainly in bronze color.

Logo Printing: There are three ways available to print your logo on the apron, customize it and make it stand out so it uniquely matches your brand and business.

⬢ pyrography onto the leather with an additional cost of 50€ (cost for the metallic stamp) with a minimum order of 5 pieces
⬢ burnt onto the leather through laser engraving with an additional cost of 5€ per piece
⬢ embroidered onto the fabric with an additional cost of 5€ per piece.


professional dry cleaning recommended
⬢or hand washing at cold water (max 30°) with liquid detergent. You can easily unbutton the leather piece on the chest to make cleaning a breeze

Packaging: 30cm x 35cm x 4cm craft paper box.

Production Time: Our products are custom-made and may require seven to ten business days from the date of order for their making.

Process: We take the best and of highest quality hand-colored fabrics from Greek textile mills and our leathers are hand-picked from local Cretan tanneries. By using strong metal rings and hooks to hold the fabrics and leathers together, we combine and process the raw materials with love and care, at our local workshop here in Heraklion. Then we use the best stitching methods and equipment to put the final pieces together, with standards that match our clients’ unique needs.

Why Choose Us: Rάssο full-length, high quality, leather-fabric aprons are designed for professionals (baristas, bartenders, barmen, barwomen) that give attention to detail and are interested in fashionable workwear which will withstand the demands of everyday work-life, being practical, elegant and stylish at the same time. All this, combined with the ability to create custom-made products with your logo onto leather in the form of pyrography or embroidery onto fabric, makes Rάsso products the perfect match for the business owner that wants to distinguish and elevate its brand and business from the rest of the competitive landscape.

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